Power Equipment Sales & Service East China MI

Our business is very diverse when it comes to products for your lawn & garden needs. We do not stop at lawn equipment or lawnmower sales. We are proud retailers of the leading brands of other outdoor power equipment. Starting from a single line in 1964, we have expanded exponentially in both the number of power and lawn care equipment brands. And, we are proud to service them as well, always keeping in stock the parts necessary to perform the task. For an individual shop, we carry a wider selection than any of our competitors around the St. Clair vicinity. With a customer base that currently covers three counties, we maintain the personal touch of a small business. We want to help you maintain your yard just as we would take care of our own. The knowledge of our staff is exceeded only by our integrity. They will never try to sell you any product or part that you do not need, nor try to fit you with the wrong brand because it may cost more. We want this working partnership to be long term, and customers will not return to any business in which they have lost trust. If there was one best brand of lawn equipment, or one best brand of outdoor power equipment, there would be only one product line of each. And the profession of power equipment sales really wouldn't need much talent or expertise, as it would be very easy. The fact is, as much as each of these manufacturers would like to say that their product is better than everyone else's, what is optimal for each customer will depend on them and their landscape. They all perform well; if they did not, Zimmer's Sales & Service wouldn't recommend them, and they certainly wouldn't be sold here. However, they each have unique relative strengths that make them a better fit for different people. Just like in lawnmower sales, our business prides itself on having a staff that is exceptionally knowledgeable in power equipment sales to counsel you informatively, and bring you to the ideal product to fit your individually tailored needs and wants. Zimmer's has enough brands to know that we can match you with the right one, no matter what your needs may be. Beside our lines of lawnmowers and tractors, we have a wide selection of handheld products such as chainsaws, blowers, trimmers, and more. And should they ever need servicing, we carry the full array of components for every product we sell, for fast maintenance and replacement. Unless you wish to fix it yourself, we also have an expert staff of technicians at your disposal. Some of them have been with this company for almost 30 years, and are just as friendly as they are knowledgeable. They can service your power equipment just as proficiently as they can be at lawnmower service. To top it off, we sell all these brands and models with superior consultation and service for a very affordable price. We give you more, without charging more. Whether it is for your home or your business, Zimmer's Sales & Service will have the power equipment you are in need of. We have been serving customers in St. Clair for almost 60 years, with over 50 of them in the power and lawn equipment industry. Nobody in the area can serve you better than our staff. Give us a call or come in today and talk to us!