Parts Sales East China MI

There are a lot of do-it-yourselfers in the St. Clair area. And many of them have bought equipment from Zimmer's Sales & Service. Many people who are capable enjoy tending to their own landscapes. And when something goes wrong with their equipment, some of them are mechanically inclined, and also prefer to take on that task by themselves. Those people, along with others who need us to service their lawn care equipment, find that coming to Zimmer's is the best option in this area. We realize better than anyone that power equipment and lawnmower sales | lawnmower sales and those of power equipment} are partially driven by the quality of the service. If the service is mediocre, sales will follow. We have the acutely skilled and experienced technicians that will fix your product right. To enable speed and convenience is where our stock of parts enters the picture. Our shop has a wide selection of product lines of lawn equipment and outdoor power equipment so we can have the right selection for you. In order to be an optimal service business as well, that also means having a complete catalog of parts for all the power and lawn equipment we sell. The fact that we keep up our stock so well plays a large part in us being able to perform something like lawnmower service with such a short turnaround time. Having the right parts on hand to allow our technicians to get their hands on them quickly is necessary for prompt repair. From air filters to blades, oil filters to belts, Zimmer's will have what you are looking for for your equipment to be fixed. The third component, convenience, is for the do-it-yourself person. If you wish to fix your own product, we will probably have what you are looking for in our shop. Our array includes most commonly used parts. A key component of what enables us to continue to maintain this extensive stock is a good relationship with our suppliers. So in the case of a special part you might need that we do not have in stock, we are able to work with the vendor, and get it in our shop very quickly. That is what Zimmer's has in common with all our product line makers - prompt and conscientious attention to what the customer requires. A problem with foreign made equipment is that if something malfunctions, it can take noticeably longer to get the part. Fortunately, Zimmer's Sales & Service stock includes those of most of the leading foreign makes as well. So, if you have a Kawasaki or Honda, no worries, we most likely have the parts you will be in need of. We also do not overlook the aspect of price in our sales. We do not take advantage of being the shop with the most available parts in the area by upselling them. Our parts sales, like every other part of our business, is competitively priced. Zimmer's Sales & Service has been a huge convenience for both the independent repairman and for those who need professional lawnmower service or repair of other outdoor power equipment for over 50 years now. If something has gone wrong with your blower or chainsaw, please stop by and take a look at our parts. If for some reason it is unfixable, you can purchase a new or used model here for a great price! That is why we are also a huge seller in the St. Clair region in power equipment sales. We look forward to meeting your needs. Come on in, you'll be glad you did.