Lawnmower Sales & Service East China MI

In 1964, Zimmer's Sales & Service officially switched from an automotive and farm equipment repair shop to the field of lawn equipment. In doing so, we began by selling only a single product line. Over the past 50 years, we have grown into selling a full range of products by all the big name brands on lawn care equipment. Additionally, our power equipment sales has grown to be a significant aspect of the business. No lawn equipment business around the area of St. Clair has quite the expertise of the staff at Zimmer's when it comes to lawnmower service. In terms of lawnmower sales, if it is sold here, you can rest assured that it is because it is a quality name in the industry. At Zimmer's, some of the technicians that have been with us for 30 years have been in the field long enough to know which brands to vouch for. Zimmer's knows these makes of lawn equipment and their inner workings like the backs of our hands. We didn't grow our business by selling bad lawn equipment. Each of the makes you see in our shop have something in common with us. Each of them has a long record of reliably coming through for their customers. For instance, in the year 1987, Zimmer's added the Exmark name to its arsenal in lawnmower sales. Fast forward to today, we are the 8th largest seller of the brand in the United States. Customers, both commercial and residential alike, have been buying them on our recommendation for these past three decades because they are finding our endorsements true. Regardless of how great of a make your mower is, periodically it will need servicing. Blades need to be changed, filters need to be replaced, and occasionally parts will wear out. If you are forced to put off lawn mowing for several more days, it will make it significantly harder, and the appearance of your lawn and property will be affected for that time. This is one reason we stock the full range of parts for all of our outdoor power equipment, including lawnmowers. We want to get you back in the business of your do-it-yourself lawn maintenance as soon as possible. At Zimmer's Sales & Service, we understand that not all grass is created equal. Nor are all people. The ideal lawnmower for each commercial and residential customer will depend on a combination of factors relating to the two. When you walk into Zimmer's, you will receive a friendly greeting by our knowledgeable sales professionals who will counsel you to determine which lawnmower from our several outstanding lines will serve you the best. We understand that a good lawnmower is not only just a commitment time wise, but also is a relatively large purchase. Our business prides itself on selling the leading brands of lawnmowers and rendering better service than our competitors without breaking your bank. Because of our efficiency, we are able to give you above average service while remaining competitive on cost. We give you what you need to cut your grass without cutting too much out of your wallet. In our business, we are dedicated to building a personal relationship with you and your property. We will sell you nothing but the best, and give you nothing short of first class when it comes to lawnmower service and repair. Serving the St. Clair area, we hope to see you soon. You'll be glad that you came.